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Is Solar a Good INVESTMENT?

March 20, 2019


Consider this: The average American consumes more energy today than ever before. In fact, energy consumption has gone up considerably in the past couple of years, and is predicted to consistently grow, leaving homeowners stuck in the dark about how to handle their ever-increasing electric bill. Fortunately, the solar industry is opening up opportunity nationwide, and providing homeowners the solution to a very insidious and growing problem.


It all comes down to this: how much are we actually paying for electricity? According to the Environmental Impact Assessment, a typical Floridian family only spends about $126 of their monthly income on their electricity bill. However, that only accounts for an average and the truth is far, far, far more sinister. During the hottest months of the year, Floridian’s can see their electric bill reach heights of $400 a month. That’s a HUGE expenditure for families who can be making as little as $2,000 a month according to Florida income, and it’s not getting better. State legislature has allowed for power companies to raise prices with little notice or consistency, which is making it difficult for consumers to make a clear budget for their utilities, or even pay for them at all. Without any predictable pattern to these increases, homeowners are left frustrated with what they feel is a losing battle.


Knowing this, it’s hard to believe that only 1.9% of all Americans have invested in solar energy as an alternative. Solar energy has been a proven alternative to the rising costs and challenges we face with local power companies. Contrary to popular belief, solar power is not only more affordable than electric, it also can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over a 20 year period. Even more so, states are implementing new legislation that is PAYING homeowners to go solar, including adding additional incentives to the already established federal tax credit which sees that homeowners get up to 30% back on their investment in solar. For most solar companies, signing up is $0 out of pocket, and financing is available with consistent and predetermined payments, meaning that your electricity bill is essentially wipe out and replaced with something cheaper, beneficial, and faster to pay off than a lifetime of electricity payments.


It is clear which direction we as homeowners, and consumers, need to move towards. Power companies are sucking us dry, and wrongfully putting increases on energy rates that are already too high. Solar is the solution that we need. Solar gives us the freedom to invest in our finances, our families, and our future.

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